mélanges crowdfunding is on

to build a book storage for book collection at mélanges art center in minami-izu mountain range

a successful campaign will allow mélanges to invite many artists and creators
to offer original exhibitions and events.
thank you for your support!



the house is in the mountain / the mountain is in the house





mélanges is an art space dedicated to exhibitions, dance, music and theater performances, workshops and lectures.

mélanges has also large book and print collection that will be available to all participants, collaborators and guests. The books are currently stored in the house, most wrapped or in boxes.


The goal for this crowdfunding campaign is to build near the house a book storage, permanent and secure, with climate and humidity control, with a capacity of 8,000 volumes.


mélanges is the result of a lifetime experience that took me from native France to Japan through a long journey in different places over marked periods of time. To Japan then, I express my gratitude, and to the many people of this great country who helped making mélanges possible. And to MARIKO RAYNAL, faithful partner and loyal rival. Mariko with ATELIER KIKA in Kamakura has always been behind mélanges. And thank you to allof you who are showing interest to our story.

So here it is.

Jean-Marc RAYNAL, 01/2017

jm and mariko warming up feet over charcoal box


Yesterday, mélanges had an unexpected visit & wonderful surprise : a 10-minute MOSTRA with artist HARMAT from Firenze, Italy.
There was no hurry, the making of the exhibition was the exhibition.
So then, if we can make in 10 minutes
a full MOSTRA of her works
mélanges crowdfunding can succeed
with 41 days left.

10 minutes and 41 days (video, color, 2'34")


mélanges is a French word for 'mixture', 'blending'; it also means 'homage' or 'tribute'.



tucked in the mountain


mélanges is located at the extreme southern point of Izu peninsula, in Minami-Izu-cho, three hours from Tokyo. It is tucked in the mountain, surrounded by trees on all sides. The building was designed by an antique dealer who selected the materials for its construction(beams, stones, etc.) from old places in northern Japan. From the first moment we saw it, in 2012, it felt like stepping back in another time.




光の空間へ / light space

The house has two floors, with three main spaces on the first floor, with a wide hallway and a traditional fireplace (hirori). All sliding doors can be taken down which allows the two main rooms to merge with the hallway into one large space; that space in turn merges with the large volume made of the entrance with the second floor room and gallery up to the high ceiling. All the distinct parts of the house thus become one large volume with light finding its way inside from all sides and creating a variety of atmospheres. From the south, the light enters from two large windows on the second floor, and cuts into the darkness of the entrance hall with beams of floating light particles. From the north, the clouds hanging over the mountains across the house reflect back the sunlight like a mirror, flooding the two rooms into one large soft and bright glowing envelope, which then penetrates deep over the hallway and the entrance hall.

This building offers performers and artists, painters and studio photographers, a vast natural light to play with and use to make and display their work; or, let silence sway leaves from nearby books and trees.
光の空間へ light space lumière à l'endroit pt.1

光の空間へ light space lumière à l'endroit pt.2

The two videos were shot in December 2014 prior to moving in anything.


Spring 2015 - October 2016
In 2015, we made a list of the changes and repairs to be done in the building to allow for exhibitions and workshops, and decided which could not wait.

We built a small structure (6 tatami) across the house, it will hold a library open to the public, with some of the books selected in connection with current exhibitions and workshops; the library will also be used for small-group workshops and lectures.







Once the hundreds of boxes of books and documents were moved inside the house, there were piles and piles everywhere, and
so we have had to use the library building as a storage facility, with currently over 2,000 books:



After spending a year and half preparing, we were ready if not to open the whole space yet, at least to offer a preview of it.



Fall 2016 mélanges opening


October 2016

時の本 / The Book of Hours / Le livre d'heures


the first show was called honnotoki, The Book of Hours with works by ABE Ryouta (Ryo), an artist and craftsman who has a studio in Minami-Izu. Ryo builds uniquely original and thought provoking tiny objects and sets, including books and articles of writing. Ryo designed and built a pocket library especially for mélanges crowdfunding campaign.

The Book of Hours

時の本-livre d'heures-book of hours from jeanmarc raynal




November 2016 

古いレア本 / books from another age

Japanese and French carpentry and architecture volumes;
Old elementary school textbooks and manga magazines, France and Japan, 1800-1960.

 books from another age

November 2016

器の金継ぎ / kintsugi workshop

Kintsugi, "golden joinery", the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold.

One might enjoy looking at broken ceramics that have been repaired with gold or silver powder, finding over mended surface the reminiscence of strange and distant landscapes, not unlike one obtained from playing with clouds, or cracks on a wall. The workshop was sold out (10 participants) and we will have another one in 2017.

kintsugi workshop


kintsugi-金継ぎ-ceramics_repair-workshop-November 3rd, 2016



December 2016

mountain 1
森を歩く / a winter walk in the forest

flowers over the land / a bouquet in hand

a winter walk in the forest on the mountain behind mélanges
the plants and forest materials harvested during the outing will be then gathered at the house

a walk in the forest

December 2016

mountain 2
山-la montagne-the mountain-yama

Life on a mountain is quite an experience, a mountain certainly is alive, in tune with the environment, the weather, and subtle internal movements in its belly; a mountain has a way, and ways, to remind one about this; KAWABATA Yasunari made it a recurrent theme in his 1954 novel 'THE SOUND OF THE MOUNTAIN'.

And then, there was another mountain, this one inside the house with the piles of books scattered everywhere; so many that we would say: 'the house is in the mountain / the mountain is in the house'. So a show about MOUNTAINS seemed a natural thing to do.

We presented a collection of books on PAUL CÉZANNE and KAWABATA, and paintings by YATANI Choji: mountainous landscapes were a major motif in his paintings, most of which were done in South Izu. The Chinese character for mountain in the collage on the wall of YATANI's studio is a stone rubbing made in China; the collage was one of the works by YATANI shown at mélanges in December 2016.

山 cézanne-kawabata-yatani





This exhibition was also an opportunity to try mixing (mélanges) different elements –paintings, prints and books from artists coming from different continents and eras, and see how books could form bridges and connections between these different parts.



overview of the book collection

mélanges has a book collection built over thirty years in France, the USA, and Japan, with some volumes dating back from the 17th and 18th centuries; there is also an extensive document collection.

The books are roughly evenly divided  between English, French and Japanese language.
half of the collection are art books: catalogues exhibitions, monographs, and art studies.

Two-third of the art books are about Western art.
Most of the non-western art books are about Chinese and Japanese arts, with a large amount on calligraphy-書 and tea ceremony (including ceramics, gardening, etc.).

There are collections on the following subject matter:

Architecture, including the ancient craft of carpentry in France and Japan.
Botanics, flowers and plants, gardening, (including ikebana); the collection also includes the herb collection, made up of several hundreds herb plates, of a French botanist from the second half of the 19th century.
Cinema, including writings (English and French) by ANTONIONI, EISENSTEIN, GANCE, GODARD, GUITRY, MELIES, OZU, OSHIMA, ROHMER,…; old North American film scrapbooks from the silent era (1920's); and the Cahiers du Cinéma magazine complete years from 1958 to 1972.
Elementary school textbooks, and manga magazines, France and Japan, 1800-1960.
Book history / maintenance and repair.
Buddhist art.

Collections of old French newspapers and illustrated magazines (1860's-1940's).

The other half of the books are mostly Western literature, with a great deal of poetry, and philosophy. There are also French and English translations of Japanese writers. There is also a fair amount ofmessays and academic studies about Europe, the USA and Asia.


a selection of titles and authors:





Events planned for 2017

making a shakuhachi flute from bamboo : a workshop with Deu
How to make one's own shakuhachi from a bamboo tree is the first step to learning to play the instrument. A salon-concert will also be offered in conjunction with this workshop. Deu lives in Tokyo; he visited mélanges in December 2016 with three other shakuhachi musicians. Together, after watching some footage of the video for the MOUNTAIN exhibition, they played a shakuhachi piece, which they generously offered for use in the video for our crowdfunding campaign.

Exhibition of Calligraphic Works by KANYOU Funatsu (1912-1990)
A workshop will also be offered with one of KANYOU Funatsu former student, TSUTSUMI Ryuse, himself now a teacher of 書.
The continuity of the line drawn/written (same Chinese character : 書く kaku) on the paper echoes the uninterrupted tradition over times and generations of the art of the brush.
A book exhibition will accompany this exhibition.

Objects and other things the painter YATANI Choki kept for long periods of time with him, close at hand, in his life and work; notebooks, painting tools, calligraphic works, books, memorabilia, etc. Some sketches and drawings from his notebooks will also be exhibited. Concurrently, an exhibition of YATANI paintings will take place in a fisherman village a few kilometers from mélanges, in Koura; this is where YATANI was born, and where he painted most of his life.


The construction of the storage facility is the last stop before mélanges can make full use of the building for many people to come and enjoy arts and culture.


A local carpenter, OZEKI Saburo, has generously accepted to design a building that fits with the land around mélanges; that allows for safe conservation of books and printed documents, with a capacity of 8,000 volumes; and remains economically practical.

The budget is 4.3 million yen (or 37,000 dollars at current rate).







リターン rewards

images can be seen on the crowdfunding page


ALL RETURNS include a bookmark and a thank you email, as well as weekly reports on the development of the book storage.


no limit
one bookmark
made after covers and books


one invitation carton for mélanges opening Fall'16
50 x 20 cm


one signed copy by Jean-Marc Raynal of 'miroir français' a book on French New Wave cinema


one poster of mélanges opening Fall'16
60 x 45 cm


one poster of mélanges December 2016 exhibition 山-MOUNTAIN
60 x 45 cm


one invitation for two persons for the party after the completion of mélanges book-storage.


one dvd with the video made after mélanges exhibition 山-MOUNTAIN in December 2016
with DeU shakuhachi soundtrack.


'San Francisco time-table' by RYO


portable desk & library with illumination’ a work designed by RYO for mélanges. instagram-ビデオ


one-day use of the space of mélanges for meditation, workshop, or studio session (painting or photography);
occupancy limit of 10 persons.


Invitation for two persons for exclusive use for one day of mélanges library with a selection of books on the theme of your choice.


'bamboo' (25 x 17 cm), a drawing by YATANI Choji, made possible by a generous gift from YATANI Chikage.


three-day use of the space of mélanges for meditation, workshop, or studio session (painting or photography);
occupancy limit of 10 persons.


Production of a video with mélanges and Jean-Marc Raynal assistance from conception and shooting to final editing, for yourself or an organization of your choice.


one NAN GOLDIN print
'Self-Portrait on the Train, Germany, 1992'
cibachrome print (30 x 40 inches - 76.2 x 101.6 cm)

publication history:
Catalogue cover of Nan Goldin 1996 Whitney exhibition in New York City
'I'll be Your Mirror', 1996, cover and pp.350-351.


one NAN GOLDIN print
'Buzz and Nan at the Afterhours, NYC, 1980'
cibachrome print (30 x 40 inches - 76.2 x 101.6 cm)

the print is signed and dedicated to Jean-Marc Raynal

publication history:
The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, p.125
New York Times, August 16, 2016



comments from visitors of mélanges

美紀 Miki

“Culture is about education, about making education possible...; I believe mélanges could be an important contribution for the Japanese people, and I want to help them.”

渡辺富美子 WATANABE Tomiko
in her youth, she used to be a pearl dive; now, at 81 years-old, she works the land every day.

“This house reminds me the farm I used to live when I was a child, it's bringing back many memories...”


福嶌のぞみ FUKUSHIMA Nozomi 
Gemologist, stone dealer.

"There are many artists around here in Izu, so mélanges is a perfect place for meeting and exchange."

赤池彩 AKAIKE Aya 
Grows organic vegetables in Minami-Izu; she also makes bread.

“When I visited mélanges the first time, I wouldn't have been surprised to see a writer like SOSEKI Natsume for example appear, wearing a kimono, I immediately felt I was falling into past times...during the [kintsugi] workshop, my mind was very clear, I was able to concentrate very hard on the tasks at hand, it was as if I was getting much energy from this old building”


鏑木章裕、千夏子 KABURAGI Akihiro and Chikako
Akihiro works with the city of Minami-Izu on rural development programs.
Chikako has studied dance for several years in Spain and Europe. 

"People here feel a little isolated and removed from one another, so to find a place like mélanges is very exciting,...the house is beautiful"

"[during the kintsugi workshop] I was very impressed with the idea of how an old broken ceramic ware should be handled with great care and love."

OZEKI Saburo
YATANI Chikage
Minami-Izu-cho Chamber of Commerce
Miki さん
Tomo and Suguru who made the model of the house and the model of the book storage
And to all who provided assistance, guidance and support for this crowdfunding campaign.


We hope many people will join us in this wonderful environment and make the excitement and happiness of mélanges grow.